Standard or Specialised Tools for the Mechanical Trades

Automotive • Heavy Vehicle • Aviation • Maritime 


6 point for strength. Optimised for function.

The shape is designed for maximum power transfer. Without wasting a gram of steel.


Stainless. Naked. Pure. Tough. Sterilisable.

Forged out of the best stainless tool steel available in USA.


More than twice the strength of the toughest standard for tools. 



Stainless. Naked. Pure. Tough.

Sterile. No lubrication. Clean Room or operating theatre safe. 

Available in polished or matt.


From the toughest in mining, military or marine to the operating theatre.


Pure polish or matt for non slip.

Chemical etch. No Stamping. Large text.

The perfect socket set is available now. 
Exclusively Here.

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