Automotive Inspection Camera

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Brand: Bosch OTC
Part#: 3880X

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    OTC Tools Automotive Inspection Camera Portable, hand-held video scope with an industry leading 5.5-millimeter camera, technicians can inspect hard-to-reach areas that normally require taking an engine apart or removing body panels to inspect.

    With the added wireless display and ability to record images and video, the 3880X is an ideal tool for any automotive, aviation or industrial technician.


    •Micro camera transmits images and video to the removable wireless camera to allow viewing of hard-to-reach areas.

    •Large 3.5-inch high-resolution color screen for optimal viewing.

    •Detachable 36-inch camera snake with position hold shaft.

    •Images and video are recorded on the included SD card and can be viewed on the camera display or transferred to a computer.

    •Easy-to-change camera allows for use with various camera sizes and lengths.

    •Magnetic display mount allows for hands-free viewing.

    •Camera head includes four built-in adjustable LEDs for optimal viewing from light to dark areas.

    •IP67-rated camera for complete protection from dust and standard automotive chemicals.


    •Micro 5.5 mm camera allows for inspection through spark-plug holes.

    •Inspecting cylinders, valves, diesel injectors and glow plug ports.

    •Viewing behind body panels and under the dashboard for electrical wiring and connections.

    •Examine for corrosion and wear in hard-to-see areas.

    •Inspect fluid lines for leaks.