Infinity Gearless Ratchets

Smooth, silent, zero index for the tightest spaces

The Infinity Ratchet

Available in 1/4, 3/8 (also in low profile) and 1/2 inch drive, here is a new turn on an old tool. Now available is a toothless ratchet - a design that uses a clutch instead of teeth, giving a zero index movement, zero kickback and a completely silent operation.

Using it is at first an unfamiliar feeling, none of the expected looseness, sloppiness or sound. The amazing feel of the tool makes one reach for it more and more, it has become my favourite ratchet. I am yet to test it out with a pipe on the end, but I am a ‘bit precious’ about it at the moment. That time is coming however and you will be the first know!

Indispensable tool for work in tight spaces in engine bays and aviation.